Engine Oil 

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The motor is the heart of your car. Motor oil is its blood. But not all oil is the same. With the rapid development of motors, the requirements of the oil are also on the rise. Nowadays, it has to be able to do a lot more than just lubricate and cool: it also has to work at high temperatures and pressures. It has to clean the motor of combustion residues, abrasions, acids, water and fuel particles. It has to protect the motor against corrosion and guarantee its impermeability. Modern motor oils are high-tech products specially designed for certain car models – essentially tailor-made replacement parts. That's why car manufacturers only give their approval to selected oils. Which these are can be seen in our Oil Guide.

LIQUI MOLY offers the matching motor oil for every vehicle in the world. Our motor oils have a variety of approvals by German and overseas car manufacturers, or fulfill the requirements of the producers. And, even here, there are still differences: A manufacturer approval means that the oil fulfills certain minimum requirements. But we go beyond these requirements and develop oils that, for example, have a higher cleaning performance than what is required by the manufacturer.

The gears of modern vehicles are subjected to enormous stresses. If the oil is not up to the task, this can result in costly damage. Gearbox oils from LIQUI MOLY meet even the most extreme requirements. They reduce wear and ensure good friction behavior as well as optimum viscosity, even under high temperatures. To maximize your gear's service life.
Gear Oil
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Hydraulic Oil

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Power transmission with minimal loss and good lubricating properties,coupled with good friction behavior and excellent corrosion protection. The hydraulic oils from LIQUI MOLY blend all of these qualities to perfection. The oils also deliver high thermal stability and therefore optimum resistance to aging. This leads to less sludge formation and improvedbcleanliness, and keeps your hydraulic systems moving reliably.